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Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

Why Green Cleaning?

Sure, it’s good to be a tree-hugger, but it’s even better to think about your health. We offer a flexible, three-step approach for all types of customers to help your facility become "greener" than yesterday, or we can bring your building into full compliance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification Standards. By choosing any or all of the following environmentally friendly cleaning methods, you can help your business and the environment:

Request the use of green chemicals.
We’ve heard this line a thousand times over: "I want my office to smell good.” The reality is that anyone can spray deodorizers, but proper chemical selection should concentrate on the prevention of leaving harmful components behind. We provide all customers with chemical management systems for accurate product dilution, which means less chemicals and less water use. 

Request the use of adequate equipment.
The janitorial cleaning industry has seen a true equipment revolution. By using equipment furnished with the right filters, we assist in ensuring better air quality. Professional Building Maintenance Service uses ProTeam backpack vacuums, and microfiber rags and mopheads for daily cleaning tasks.

Request the implementation of a comprehensive green cleaning program.
We can help you find the best course of action to create the ultimate sustainable facility!

Help Your Business & the Environment!

Here are some tips to turn your business into a “greener” facility!

  • Both inadequate and excessive cleaning can harm the environment. Let our experts help you find the optimal cleaning schedule for your specific needs.
  • Choose the right entryway mats. This is your first line of defense against dirt and debris being tracked into your building.
  • Choose the right paper and liner products. We can help in the selection of suitable dispensers throughout your facilities!
  • Encourage your colleagues to be aware of any spills, clutter, or messes left behind as a result of eating at their workstations.
  • Emphasize the cleaning of major touch points such as door handles, bright fixtures, light switches, telephones, and other areas people frequently come in contact with.
  • Ensure LEED Certification. The LEED Green Building Rating System is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. Simply put, a LEED building is a healthier building. Cleaning is an important part of meeting these standards and our team can assist in this process. For more information on how to proceed, visit the United States Green Building Council’s website at

Enlist in the expertise of Professional Building Maintenance Service to make your business environmentally friendly!

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